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What does IWELU membership give?

  • Access to a lot of formats of informal communication, business cooperation, contact with influential people, education and calendar of events.

  • Monthly meetings in stable groups of 8–12 top participants to solve each other's cases through the exchange of ideas, real life and business experience.

  • Internal communication for quick solving of problems and requests IWELU members: exchange of contacts, recommendations, legal assistance and expert assistance from other members of the IWELU.

  • Meetings with top leaders in the format of forums, conferences, business meetings.

  • Lunches-acquaintances: club lunches for a small number of participants for comfortable gradual integration of new members of IWELU, closer acquaintance, studying common interests and opportunities for cooperation.

  • International business tours: trips to EU countries for acquaintance, partnerships, studying the best business practices of other countries.

  • Meetings with foreign delegations.

  • Networking with representatives of international business.

  • Exclusive training programs and educational events from the best practitioners and experts for the members of IWELU.

  • Evening meetings with invited cultural and art workers, journalists, and writers to broaden the areas of interest of IWELU and ensure a quality dialogue between business, culture and society.

How to join?

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We care about information security and protection of personal data, therefore we guarantee that your personal data will not be used anywhere.


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